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Ep 2 Shane Levi Gould

Updated: Jun 30, 2020


Today I venture to Dade City, FL to catch up with Shane Levi Gould, founder of Fuel Clothing. Shane, a regular road warrior, is passing through as he stops off at a number of motocross and action sports events in Florida. While a pro snowboarder traveling the world at 21yrs old, Shane realized he had to do “something” to make some money. With a $1,200 investment and knowledge of the action sports relm Fuel was born. Fuel’s foundation was built on supporting the Skate, Snow, Surf, Moto, Music and Racing lifestyle since their 1992 inception. Fuel’s production began with a couple of tees, hats and stickers. Now they supply some of the largest brands around the world with private label products and manufacturing. Shane created the most recognizable sock line in action sports and continues to stay loyal to his customers identity.

In this episode we talk about Shane’s journey and passion for what he has been doing day-in and day-out for 28 years. I explore his methods of marketing and what he feels has worked best for Fuel in this distracted marketplace. We also touch on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its effects on his business and how he plans to navigate the international uncertainty.


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