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Ep 8 Jon Modica

Updated: Jun 30, 2020


Everyone has seen the video of some kook kiteboarder getting dragged up and down the beach or even worse thrown into a hotel. Well, my experience was no different when I got tossed into a parked car. I think in the beginning we had no choice but to take a licking as the equipment was constantly trying to keep up with the proposed dangers. Enter the sport now and you will come across all sorts of new technologies that have opened the doors in terms of safety. Increasing the exposure and joy of being on the water. Cabrinha kites is leading this charge and has been behind any major kite innovation. To further grow the sport Cabrinha recently crowned their new leader and owner, Jon Modica. Jon brings years of experience not only as a team rider but also as an intelligent entrepreneur. In this episode we break down Jon’s tech companies, how he sold them and what it took to buy Cabrinha Kiteboarding.


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