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Ep 3 Graham Ezzy

Updated: Jul 10, 2020


Bringing some ALOHA to yah straight from Hawaii for this episode of Chasing Independence! I catch up with professional windsurfer Graham Ezzy from his home in Maui, Hawaii. Graham talks about his childhood of growing up in one of the most epic windsurf spots on the planet. He also drops some knowledge on the lessons he learned as a young grom on the beaches of Maui. Graham is still competing at a pro-level and ranked #1 in the US. His passion for learning and personal development opened up doors around the world as well as landed him at one of the nation’s top ivy league schools. Graham breaks down how he took on not only education but his ability to thrive in extreme elements. Strap in and hook up for this episode as we blast off with Graham Ezzy!


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