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Ep 6 David Lesh

Updated: Jun 30, 2020


Are you an action sports fanatic with an insatiable lust for badassery?! Well, then you better hit that play button right now and listen to this episode featuring pro freestyle skier and entrepreneur David Lesh! David’s story is one for the ages. From his time as a child growing up in India to his teenage years on the ski slopes of Wisconsin, David has been consistent with one thing… He does whatever the hell he wants! Notably one of the more controversial pros in the skiing industry, David’s do what it takes attitude has not only helped him grow a multi-million dollar brand, VIRTIKA, but given him access to some pretty epic opportunities. David breaks down the hard lessons he learned as a budding entrepreneur and the reality of what it takes to succeed. Don’t skip this one, as the stories are raw yet painfully real. Strap in and shut up for this larger than life interview with David Lesh.


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